Spring Onions – growing them is easy


I love growing spring onions! I tried and tried growing them for years and after trying various methods this works best for me. One of the most amazing things about spring onions is over-wintering. Having a fresh crop in March is awesome :) You can see my over-wintered crop in my blog post.

1. Sow directly into pots from March onwards (depending on the weather each year if it’s very cold hold off until April)

2.Keep the pots covered with a propagator lid or poly bag until the seeds germinate

3. When the seedlings appear uncover and keep moist

4. When the seedlings are about as thick as a knitting needle start another batch off in another pot

5. Keep on sowing and eating until late summer

6. Don’t throw your last sowing away! They will ‘over-winter’ and start growing again in the new year – providing you with a bunch of spring onions ready to eat around March, when you can start all over again!


Have you got any tips or questions?


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