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beancropGardeners are often happy to share..

Something I think gardeners have in common isn’t just a love of gardening itself, but a love of collecting gardening books! I’ve got more gardening books than I have room for. In my early days of gardening I went for ‘how-to’ books but now my collection ranges from 101 easy ideas for your veg garden to learning Latin plant names! So, when I heard that fellow garden blogger Ricki Grady had published a book, I jumped at the chance to add another one to my collection. I ‘met’ Ricki through Blooming Blogs community and downloaded her book Bebop Garden for my kindle.

Bebop Garden

Ricki starts her book with an interesting comparison between gardening and jazz and I must say I really had no idea what to expect at that point but I was happy that this wouldn’t be any ordinary gardening book! I thought it might turn out to be a full on novel but it’s not that and yet it’s not an instructional book either. Ricki glides her way through her past, blending stories from her garden with the things she’s learned. I particularly loved reading about her early days and how she made her garden into what sounds like a wild and creative artistic haven, inspiring her local community with her choice of plants, including some edibles.

Another thing I think gardeners have in common is that they love sharing. From the moment I started mixing with fellow gardeners on my allotment the seeds, plants, veg produce and advice came flooding. Whether gardeners are new and enthusiastic, or older and experienced the passion for their hobby comes across. This is the same for Ricki, she shares her experiences making this an interesting book for beginners and seasoned gardeners.

I could really sense how gardening has nourished Ricki’s life, from the plants she’s grown and collected, to the friends she’s made and even the animals who share her space. She emphasizes the fun of gardening over hard work, promoting gardening for pleasure which is a means for her to become lost in her own world for an hour or for an entire weekend. I would love to actually see Ricki’s garden back then and now, photos are missing from the kindle but I’m not sure if there are photos in the paperback version.

I really enjoyed reading Ricki’s book and I’m always happy to hear about fellow bloggers projects. So, on that subject my next read will be by garden blogger Out of My Shed, her book Veg Street comes out on March 7th and if you want an early insight then Wellywoman has just reviewed it and so has Veg Plotting.

Are you a ‘gardening book collector’ too?


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